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What is bitcoin ? How to get started with it

what is bitcoin

What is bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a digital currency and a digital payment system. The inventor of bitcoin was Satoshi nakamoto.

The value of 1 bitcoin in Indian currency is INR 1,71,370.54 and in US dollar the value is $ @653 however it keeps varying very rapidly.

Bitcoin became famous in year 2009 and many retailers started using it as the currency for the online purchases.

A single institution, such as the government does not control the bitcoin network. The idea behind the technology has always been and remains one of decentralization m- that is remaining completely independent of central authority, like a bank, a government or a country.

One of the early adopters were Dell and other companies like Expedia, cheapair have also started accepting bitcoin along with technology. Microsoft users can add funds to purchases Apps, games and other type of digital content.

Reasons To use Bitcoin

There are several enough reasons below to use the bitcoin.

  1. Faster Payment
  2. Lower transaction Fee
  3. Protection Against inflation

How to use bitcoin

It is easy to use bitcoin as there are so many websites offering Bitcoin Wallets with different functions and features in both mobile app as well as desktop. Few of them are below

  1. Btc.com
  2. Coinsbank.com
  3. Bitt.com
  4. Bitcoin.com

Just signup and you are good to go, just add the money through bank and it will be converted to the bitcoin and will be shown in your Bitcoin Wallets immediately.

There are so many websites offering free bitcoin to the users one of them is freebitco.in at this site users can log in and play games through which they can earn bitcoin for free, also there are referral program in which you refer to a friend and after signing up the user gets 50% of whatever they win and also there are lottery for the users through which users can earn bitcoin for free.

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